The Agency has the aim to have a registry of relationships and follow them, giving them a support and a frame. Too many relationships fails or last too long because of lack of communication and objective overview on them. We decided to offer support through our mail central, with experienced professionals, and give a chance to put on the paper all those implicit contracts that need to be clarified.
Do you expect too much from your relationship? Does you partner even knows what you expect? Does he/she support you in your projects?
Our times sees the Marriage decreasing and pushed us to think about the new models of relationships, and support them, thank to our email support.
The contracts we’re developing are based on those four fundamental points:

  1. Equity: the parties of the contract are equal in rights and importance. Time, work, body of each party has the same value.
  2. Goodwill: in any situation, each part will care not to attack his partner and hurt its self-esteem. The parts will support themselves in their projects and aims.
  3. Communication: each partner will take care in clarify its discourse to be understood, and not expect the other to read his/her mind. A poorly transmitted message is not valid. In case of doubt, an acknowledgement of receipt will be requested.
  4. Independence: each self is independent and autonomous. In any case will it be considered that one partner is owned by the other one. That implies the respect of the intimacy and of the private space of the partner.

But of course, everything is negotiable!

The AHRR is an international organisation working all over the globe, with permanent offices in Berlin, Ankara and Delhi.

The central office can be found at:

Agency for Humain Relationship Regulation
Cuvrystrasse, 20
10997 Berlin